Sickness is an opportunity


To be weak is a blessing. I found myself saying that again.

Weakness heightens sensitivity. I believe that there are things one can notice only when weak. It is an opportunity.

When healthy, strong and energetic, we can do anything. We can power through things that are not good for us. That ability is great and it too, is a blessing.

However, the kind of things one can notice when weak is special. The sensitivity we have when weak can guide us to live better through the rest of our lives.

An easy example is our relation to food. When we are strong, we can eat anything. We can live on the crappiest diet on earth, won’t even notice that it’s crappy and still be fine. But when we are weak, we will know immediately what’s good and what’s not. I remember when one bite of the wrong thing would make me wilt, while one bite of the right thing feeling like I got a jolt of light coming through me. It’s that different.

I have learned, and I am still learning, using what I have learned while I was weak myself. I am actually glad I have spent a good chunk of time in sickness.

I hope my dear friend will find this difficult period to be rewarding as well.