Mending – minimum skills


Here’s an old Icebreaker sweater now with soft elbow patches.


It makes me happy to have rescued something useless back to life. I wonder sometimes if while mending the objects we also mend our soul. Or it just might be the bit of quiet mindful time.

Here’s another recent embellishment/repair. Aren’t they cute? Chipped mug and teapot repaired and embellished with Sugru, the moldable glue that turns into rubber when dry. This is the first time I’ve bought it, so I don’t know how strong its adhesion is. Maybe they will hold, maybe they won’t. So far it is looking promising. They’ve survived some rounds in the dishwasher.


Both the sewing project and the Sugru project didn’t require any more skill than what we learn in elementary school. The results are great.

In a world where buying new would be often cheaper and faster, this kind of repair does not save money. It is a luxury and form of entertainment. It is, though, the most inexpensive kind of luxury.

Why I don’t do this more often is a mystery.


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