M. H.

This is incredible.

Mieko taught me a simple movement to do at home for my pesky hip joint. I did it at home and in several days, the pain I was living with on and off for years was gone! She said I might also see my waistline improve. Don’t know how that could be, but I am looking forward to seeing results.

This session we reviewed the movements for the hip, then we added one more thing for relaxing the upper body. Relaxing promotes flow, and better flow often means a younger looking face, she said. I quickly took a selfie and compared it to another photo I took several days ago. She was right. In only minutes of simple movements, my puffy face was gone!

Better health means beauty. This really is incredible. I am coming back.


すごく簡単な体操を教わって帰り、家で数日やっていたら、股関節が痛くない! こんなことで長年の悩みが減るなんてうそのようです。ひょっとしてウエストも細くなるかもよ、と言われているのでそれも楽しみにしています。