Try Everything.


When we have health problems, people around us, including the expert doctors and dear friends who have zero experience or expertise, introduce all kinds of solutions to us. We tend to search for them ourselves, too, from the Net or from books.

So how do know which one to trust?

My thinking is simple.

I say we don’t need to blindly trust anything. Just try them. It doesn’t matter if you think it seems crazy, or it is recommended by a trusted source. Just try them. Because we don’t know what works. Especially when we are newly ill, we have no idea about the state of our bodies. We need to experiment.

When you find something you like (and you don’t have to be convinced that it is the best way) simply do it again. Of the methods that you didn’t really think was effective, if it felt good or maybe if you had fun, do those again, too. If you didn’t like something, stop.

You might never find out which one worked. But that’s all right. The point is for you to feel better.

Over time, we will gradually develop a sense of what works. That’s when we can properly focus on the few methods we like.

Waiting for some miraculously great method, the one definitive answer that fixes everything in one sweep, is not realistic. I can tell you that even when you think you have found that one thing, it’s elusive. It’s going to be different the second time because the body is constantly changing.

I am speaking from experience.

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